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Affordable Health Insurance Using Health Savings Accounts

With everything that’s been going on in America today regarding obtaining affordable Illinois health insurance people are looking for innovative ways to keep their premiums as low as possible while still maintaining an adequate amount of coverage. For small business owners and self-employed people this is especially important. I’m sure you’ve heard of the phrase time is money, self-employed people that I have spoken to in the past rarely go to the doctor unless it’s absolutely necessary. So why would you want to pay for a benefit that you would not use or very seldom use?

For small business owners and self-employed people looking for affordable Illinois health insurance, I think one of the very best plans in the marketplace today is a high deductible health insurance plan combined with a health savings account. Most small business owners on average only go to the doctors once or twice a year. When you take this into consideration and the amount of extra premium that Dr. Office co-pay plans would additionally cost it is usually not worth it.

I recommend going with a high deductible health plan with a good carrier and fully funding a health savings account at a place of your choosing. This combination gives you outstanding catastrophic coverage because of the high deductible health plan that you have in place and keeps your premiums as low as possible. Recently health insurance premiums have been increasing on a fairly consistent basis. Would you rather have a rate increase of 15% based upon a $300 premium or based upon a $600 premium? Rather simple to figure out isn’t it? Health insurance is not rocket science to more risk you’re willing to take up front the cheaper the premiums are.

Today health savings accounts can be opened up almost any place. Check out your local bank to see what they have to offer. I’ve had some customers that have opened up a checking account at their local bank and linked that account to their stock market account. This gives them not only the opportunity to put tax-free money into their health savings account but also gives them the opportunity of taking advantage of the stock market for increased earnings. Finding a good place to put your health savings account monies can be time well spent.

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