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Illinois Unclaimed Money Approaches 1.4 Billion Dollars

In May 2007, Illinois State Treasurer State Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias announced that the state’s “Cash Dash” program is holding nearly $1.4 Billion in Illinois unclaimed money. The only thing standing between the cash and its rightful owners is the knowledge that it’s out there and the ability to track it down.

Sadly in addition to Illinois, state treasury departments across the country continue to take in more unclaimed property each year than they return to the citizens. Because everyone believes in the old “if it’s too good to be true” saying most people refuse to believe that there are really tens of billions of dollars waiting to be claimed nationwide. Even for those few who have realized the truth about unclaimed assets, the best way to locate these monies eludes them more often than not.

The Prairie is State is one of those rare states that holds over a billion dollars on its own which means if you’re a resident of IL then you have even greater odds of finding a claim in your name, especially when you consider that the state has less than 13 million people and there are over 10 million names on the state’s unclaimed funds list.

Although there are many more, Illinois lists the following as the most common types of missing money: abandoned savings and checking accounts, unpaid wages or commissions, stock, bonds, mutual funds, un-cashed dividends, customer deposits or overpayments, credit balances, refunds, money orders, travelers checks, paid-up life insurance policies, safe deposit box. Anyone who has had or knows someone who may have had one of these accounts at one time or another is encouraged to search regularly.

The IL State Treasury has returned more than $432 million since it took over the unclaimed money program in 1999, $84 million of which was returned in 2006 alone, but with $1.4 billion waiting to be claimed and more coming in all the time, the heap of cash will continue to grow.

Because money is constantly added to the fund, it is important to check regularly, not just once. Money owed to you might be added tomorrow, or next week, or next month, or depending on the type of asset in 5 years if that’s the proper dormancy period. Each type of property has its own dormancy period in each state, after which state laws require the holder to turn it over to the state who will then hold it until the rightful owner steps forward to claim it.

Additionally, residents of Illinois may be owed unclaimed money in other states even if they’ve never lived in or even been to them. Things like insurance overpayments when an employer uses an out of state insurance company can result in found money located in other states. Issues often also arise when a corporations headquarters are in another state.

The bottom line is that the state of Illinois is currently home to a massive amount of money that belongs to its residents who simply need to learn the proper ways to search, where to search, and how often to search. Learning these search methods from locators with years of experience in this field can greatly enhance your abilities to find your money.